Deleted Forum Accounts and TM Pay

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Deleted Forum Accounts and TM Pay Empty Deleted Forum Accounts and TM Pay

Post by Sapheiro on Mon 27 Apr 2015, 9:00 am

Good day to you all from the Bureau of Justice,

Today, I’d like to address these few problems that we have been facing lately.

1) Forums accounts: Recently, there have been some problems with some accounts being deleted and banned. I would like to take the responsibilities for such incidents and I would like to apologize for my negligence and incompetence for not being able to find out what’s the problem with forums are. I would like some time to find out the root of these problems and request for all to be patient with me while I’m at it.

So far, these are the people whose accounts have been deleted that I’m able to track down:
- Vids99
- Seeassngo_
- :.killer024.:
- Anshul_
- iMe_Pnk
- Ermergerd01
- ::TristanK::
- Epicjiale
- Gabrieleriezjrz
- =.Ron.=
- JamaicanWolf
- Unnr
- FBI-Legend10
- Shockwave101

If you see your name here, and have not created an account yet, please do so as soon as possible, and PM me or post it under the “Requesting Access” and I’ll put you back up live on forums. Everyone who has requested access, I’ve already granted you access to your respectively group.

2) Pay and Rooster for Pay: Pay for TM+ have resumed, effective immediately after some considerations. Pay will take place around 2 to 3PM GMT, for Standards to Presidential Cabinet.

Sunday: arisaig1 (Pay), baseplates (Promotion)
Monday: Chapppie (Pay), SyaziDan(Promotion)
Tuesday: Sapheiro (Pay), SyaziDan (Promotion)
Wednesday: thepolice5291 (pay), Ensaar (Promotion)
Thursday: Sapheiro (Pay), SyaziDan (Promotion)
Friday: thepolice5291 (Pay), Ensaar (Promotion)
Saturday: arisaig1 (Pay), baseplates (Promotion)
Please feel free to approach me for any assistance and if there’s anything else you feel that I should have gone through, pray tell. Thank you for your time. And may you have a great day ahead.

With regards,
2nd Founder of the Bureau of Justice

Don't look back, you're not going that way.


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