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Transfer Unit. Empty Transfer Unit.

Post by SyaziDan on Thu 16 Apr 2015, 3:27 pm

Basically, Im SyaziDan. The President of BoJ. Not Countries, but just BoJ Very Happy
Therefore, im here to tell you what is this Special Unit about.
You might be curious, seeinga desk at the entrace and seeing our wrkers of BoJ talking to Public ppl. Well basically thats Transfer!

In Transfer, You transfer people, friends, experienced, co workers. But For some you need approval from Me or any dearest TM's.
They have to met the requirements. No Worries, the requirements in on the web. Smile Be prepared to join TU as you have to walk over my dead body. Jks
You have to go through an interview with me. Dont need to be scared if you know the answers. Therefore i will look forward to your interest to be part of BoJ TU Family!.

To Be part, Just whisper/pm me when im online. ill let you know the further details.

A reminder to all TU Members!
1) Please Log in your transfers on, Under Special unit, "click" Transfer Unit Next.
2) Or

Log in the person youve transfer in HERE For the Love of GOD!

Anyways, To know me futher, youve got to talk to me lel. Pls follow my instagram. i have Kik,ws, skpe if you need to chat with me. First Priority to ladies XD.

Anyways thanks very much for reading. I will look forward on having anyone whos interested to be part of the TU family.
Thats all, Signing Off!



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Transfer Unit. Empty Re: Transfer Unit.

Post by piojungo on Tue 05 May 2015, 2:01 am


im sorry cant go to habbo for a week. i have a internet problem. hope u wont fire me.

Thank you!
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